Transport Management Solutions

Transport Management Solutions: Bus, Mini Bus, Coaches

We offer start up solutions and multiuser solutions.

Whether you are a new company looking to operate a fleet of buses/coaches, or a school looking to use/syndicate a mini bus, we have a solution to assist you. Some schools are put off from owning their own minibus due to Operating license restrictions. Should a number of schools seek to share the cost of a minibus, we will set up an arm’s length company for you and assign a transport manger for a monthly fee.

All our Transport Managers possess an EU CPC and have vast knowledge to take the strain so you don’t have to, leaving you the time to concentrate on getting your business to green status and finding your full time Transport Manager. New rules coming soon mean also that charities may no longer be exempt and may need a Transport Manager in place, this specifically refers to applications under Section 19 and 22 permits.

Below is a brief summary of cost subject to terms and conditions and audit.


Red Status

Price on application and subject to full audit. All fees payable in advance.

Amber Status

The first vehicle will be chargeable at £450 and each subsequent vehicle £100. Application subject to full DVSA Audit, for which fees may be payable.

Green Status

First vehicle £300 and each other vehicle £85. Email us now to arrange a call back to discuss your specific requirements.


Section 19 and 22 Permits

Fee subject to consultation and brief.

Section 19/22 Permits

Section 19 and 22 of the Transport Act 1985

Section 19 and 22 of the Transport Act 1985, allow organizations that operate in Uk without a view to profit to have a permit which exempts them from the requirement to hold a PSV operator’s license when providing transport for a charge. The act allows under very specific conditions, the  drivers of certain vehicles excemption from the need to hold PCV entitlement.

Organizations that may be eligible for Section 19 permit operating without a view to profit include,






Social Welfare


Recreation (standard permits)


Other community benefits

We can advise your organization on all areas of concern and assist in submitting your application. We will also ensure your organization adheres to EU Regulation 1071/2009 for permit users in the UK. The granting of Section 19 permit (CIC) Community interest Companies are very strict and granted on a case by case basis. We will be happy to discuss any issues with you to assist on a successful application for a permit.

Employment Partnering

A full outsource service for Grievance and Disciplinary Services tailored to new startups and SME’s

Our HR staff, hail from Local government and are highly experienced in their field. Employment law is changing almost weekly with strong changes to be aware of including the need to pay average holiday pay.

For instance, a new act coming in to play in April 6th 2020, will give employees the right to a statement of employment from Day 1, and are you ready to implement average holiday pay?

All clients will receive a monthly update on legislation changes and cases to be cautious of, to afford you the best protection possible. In addition to Full Hr services, we have a collective of ex-senior Local government managers and specialist investigators to investigate your internal complaints.

Hourly and daily fees apply. We offer a monthly retainer structure with reduced daily rates, which includes 30 mins free HR advise per month or competitive daily rates. For a free non-obligation chat email us your information and we will get back to you.

Some of the areas we advise on include:


Policy review and implementation


Drafting of contracts, and Terms and Conditions


Staff Handbooks




Organisational change


Redundancy consultation


Tribunal/Acas advice


Pay negotiations


Collective bargaining negotiations


Should you wish to record a hearing, assuming all parties agree, we have a triple recording machine which is PACE approved, which can be rented for £300 per day

Counter Terrorism Awareness Training

Counter Terrorism Awareness Training/Resilience & Business Recovery

Ask yourself the following questions:


Is your business recovery plan fit for purpose?


How often do you review it?


Who reviews it is it the same people every time?


How often do you pressure test it?


Are all your management team aware of the business recovery plan?


Where is the plan and who implements it?

All the above are basic elements for a business recovery plan-resilience.

At N1 Consultancy, our consultants are highly experienced individuals with a senior local government management background.

Additionally, we can provide you with Counter Terrorism advise as part of your resilience plan.

We can tailor make a business recovery plan for you or review your current one to remodel it. Our Senior consultant has full CT clearance and is highly experienced in this field and backed up with a large team to ensure your company is in the best possible position for any such event.

N1 Consultancy

Control Centre/ Room Set Up

Control Centre/Room Set Up, Temporary Control Centre advise for major events

Our senior consultants all stem from a high security consolidated Control Centre, and were involved in the smooth running of the 2012 Olympic games and post Olympics resilience.

They have also overseen major London events such as Notting Hill Carnival, London Marathon, Prudential Cycle Ride and New Year’s eve.

Whether you wish to remodel, review or build from scratch, we have the experience to help you on your journey. Our consultants are on hand for any size project however large or small, you will not be disappointed.

Additionally if you are a company or city seeking to run major events, let us discuss your requirements with you, we have after all, been heavily involved in managing London events.

Loss Prevention Investigations

Loss Prevention Investigations

Business loss (shrinkage) is formed of a combination of customer theft, staff theft, online theft, fraud. Our consultants include ex Police officers with many years of investigative backgrounds.

Whether you are a wholesaler with a large warehouse operation or a small retailer, we can assist you. Let us attend and review your business, identify areas of weakness and advise on solutions.

Additionally, we can investigate serious incidents and where necessary prepare evidence of a satisfactory level for police involvement.

Contact us now for a no obligation quote or to discuss your requirements.

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